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Name: E.K.REGI
Date: 10/10/2012
Message: Dear friends In Christ Greetings in the most precious name of our Lord and savior Jesus, who commanded us to go them to all people everywhere and make them my disciple,I AM REGI was born on January 26th 1976 to parents of Kunjachen and Rajamma In a place called Idukki ,I lived without god in my life. the year of 1992 I come to Know Lord Jesus Christ, at the 16 was led by the spirit of the lord to go to north India for the ministry, this troubled him ,because he know no one there even so but I obedient to the call of god ,and went forth ,studied at Grace bible college and after worked with Campus crusade for Christ, the year 2001go to study D T S Training with youth with a mission and the year 2002 I came to Kerala to started church planting ministry with pastor Rajan C John ,As of right now I started Ministry in Tamil Nadu State , We arrived in Tamil Nadu state on December 2011. We explored to opportunities of church planting among the villages. Long year we prayed for village of India to reach with gospel our burden to win souls for Christ and we shared our vision to my friend, then someone who have burden for souls & given us offering for our missionary work, with that offering our family moved, to (Tamil Nadu) while we come to mission filed, we struggles of languages sometimes we find it difficult to identify the tense and to speak neither were any one to encourage and no one to any supports but our God was always there to give strength to face all this situation the ministry of Evangelism and discipleship is spiritual battle it has to be fought to spiritual realm. Kindly pray for my son Abel five year old year old going for school his admission school fees very high amount ,school considered the fee can pay by installment I want give by and he did not know the language Tamil, he only know mother Tongues Malayalam Daniel tow year old , we looking for reliable housing and let God provide all the needs the personal enrichment that comes from this type of a mission work, pray for the Hindus people that God may open their eyes and heart to the message of Jesus. This is why the prayer of the believers is of almost importance to the day to day functioning of the ministry your continues prayers will uphold us and strengthen us in the battle against the power of darkness. The aim of ministry is to equip the believers take the gospel to every person in India we would request you to get involved evangelizing your share of influence where ever God has placed you ,How you can part of this REGI & ANNIE Ministry in INDIA If you are interested in volunteering your time, money other goods to REGI & ANNIE the best things you can do spreading the word among others also can extend a helping hand with a faith builders fellowship you can sponsor studies or cloth & medicine Abel and Daniel, you can be part of the ministry it will be very kind of you to share a happy moment in your life ,your birth day or wedding anniversary for instance with those help offering affordable Kindly pray for mission field at the same time you consider this ministry please upholds with us so that we can win India for Christ. May the God bless you and your laborers for His glorious Gospel Your co laborers in our master services E K REGI & ANNIE My Address E K REGI # 12\ 34,2Anna 2nd street SP Garden Nagar Chennai -600 017 India www.faithbuildersfellowship INDIA Mobil. 91 9840998320 Tele fax 91 044-24356776 www.faithbuildersfellowship

Name: Min. Tony Jasper
Date: 05/27/2012
Message: Keep up the good work for the Lord. God bless!!!!!

Name: Evangelist Jonathan Richardson( Prophet)
Date: 02/29/2012
Message: Blessing you all have been a blessing for the few years i knew you all i pray that the blessing will run over and beat you down till you can not be able to recieve....

Name: otis mcdowell
Date: 11/29/2011
Message: Just want to send a shout out to Pastor Johnnel V Cancer, from SFC MCDOWELL, use to be SPC MCDOWELL, congrads,Sir

Name: Phil
Date: 09/11/2011
Message: Please Pray my soulmate has already been prepared for me and I have already been prepared for my soulmate.Pray GOD unites me and my soulmate together real soon.Never been on a date or ever had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for this for at least 18 years...Prov 13:12 Hope deferred maketh the heart sick, but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life... Please Pray GOD Blesses me so i can Bless others in every way every day of my life.Pray I can help people who are targeted by every kind of evil 100% of the time.Pray GOD Blesses me to be able to expose evil 100% of the time and evil will not be able to hide once exposed.Pray a hedge of protection around mind body and soul. Pray GOD overflows me with HIS Power,HOLY SPIRIT and Presence in my life. Pray the HOLY SPIRIT is so strong in my life that satan and his servents will flee with terror because GODS presence is so strong in my life. Pray my body would be a strong vessel for the HOLY SPIRIT. Pray GOD causes satan and those used by satan great confusion when they come against me with their evil plans and Pray GOD sends His angels to to fight along side me when is happens.Pray GOD cuffs me in His Hand when evil comes against me.Pray GOD raises me lightyears above satan and those used by satan to glorify GOD.Pray GOD watches over me at all times.Pray GOD takes away all my fear and increases my faith.Pray GOD heals my body completely.Pray all the people that have seen my Prayer Requests in past years will be reminded to Pray for my Prayer Requests again.Pray all the people who saw my Prayer Requests in the past years will have it put it in their hearts and minds to Pray for my past Prayer Requests again...In JESUS Name Amen...Thanks for your Prayers...

Date: 04/11/2011

Name: keijo
Date: 02/11/2011
Message: Let us bless around us the people you the people of the Lord again today and inherit blessing more and more with rich life in salvation and in power of the Holy Spirit and evelasting pleasure of power and the bible,thanks and bless and win,keijo sweden

Name: Pastor Dee Spells
Date: 02/09/2011
Message: So good to see the work of the ministry is still going on!

Name: alex williams
Date: 07/28/2010
Message: what a beautiful site

Name: Apostle Robert Johnson
Date: 08/25/2009
Message: Always praying for you success. I we at Living Faith Outreach can help in any way let us know and we will do what we can. We are still connected to Bishop Oneal but the need to branch out became too intense. Call if you need us...843-330-1095

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